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Dear interested customer,

Thank you for considering Dakota Remodeling as your remodeling contractor.

We believe that good decisions can only be made with good information. We want you to know as much as possible about us and the way that we work. Your expectations are very important to us and one of the the goals of this website is to help you to define your expectations. We hope that our transparency and presentation of what this company is all about enables you to make a confident and well-informed decision.

Choosing the Right Team

We believe you deserve great service and that remodeling your home should be a positive and enjoyable experience. Providing excellent service from project conception to final completion is our passion. For almost 20 years, our business has depended upon building relationships and a good reputation. We carefully consider every project and client before we start to make sure that we will be a good team together.

Firm Price Quotations

Conventional wisdom maintains that the way you go about finding a contractor is to get three bids and then choose the lowest. I hear this "bidding process" also endorsed by the media from time to time. However, we encourage people to choose a contractor the same way they would a dentist, doctor or any other professional. Ask your friends and work associates who they would recommend or call your local Home Builders Association. In many ways, our first visit is like a job interview. You probably wouldn't hire someone at your workplace just because they told you what you wanted to hear and were willing to work cheap. Yet this is what often happens to people when they begin their quest for a contractor using the bidding process.

Accurately pricing your project is an arduous and thoughtful process. We take the time to thoroughly review all blueprints, engineering, and material selections to arrive at a realistic, reasonable number. We do not skew our estimates higher or lower in an attempt to win the "bidding process" game and frankly find this process to be a waste of resources that would be much better spent on our clients. We call our estimates "Firm Price Quotations" to reflect this philosophy.

It is our hope that you will be able to reach a contractor selection decision after interviewing the necessary people and investigating their track record. And of course, we hope that you choose Dakota Remodeling.


Tom Melby, Owner

Start the Remodeling Process - Seven Easy Steps

1. "Ballpark Estimate" - determine if desired remodel is financially feasible

2. Preliminary Design, Feasibility Agreement & Deposit

3. Preliminary Estimate

4. Final Design and Drawings

5. Material/Fixture/Appliance Selections Completed

6. Contract Signed, including Firm Price Quotation, Specification & Down Payment

7. Permits, Initial Layout Meeting, Job Commencement

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